Our services

NCO Consult is able to help you assess your current regulatory situation and can assist in acquiring the necessary approvals and/or certifications.

Whether it is an operations manual for NCC or SPO or an EASA special approval such as RVSM or P-RNAV, we are there to help.

In 2012 the European Commission issued regulation 965/2012, which included (among others) the "Organisation Requirements for Air Operations", Part-ORO. In 2013 specific requirements were added for Non-commercial operations with complex aircraft (Part-NCC) and with other than complex aircraft (Part-NCO) as well as Specialised Operations (Part-SPO).

Several amendments were issued and eventually additional requirements for Performance Based Navigation were added in 2016. All in all the basic regulation is more than 350 pages long and the Acceptable Means of Compliance and Guidance Material add another several hundred pages to take into account. Understandably, as a private owner you are not too keen on reading the full regulation, finding out what is applicable to your operation and applying for the certificates. And that is where we come in! We can do all that for you and make sure that you operate your aircraft in compliance with the applicable regulations.

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