NCC and SPO Operations

NCO Consult is able to help you assess your current regulatory situation and can assist in acquiring the necessary approvals and/or certifications.

Whether it is an operations manual for NCC or SPO or an EASA special approval such as RVSM or P-RNAV, we are there to help.

When operating a multi-engine turboprop or a jet, compliance with Part-NCC is mandatory. Additionally, the applicable requirements in Part-ORO also apply. Part-ORO dictates the set-up and use of an operations manual, postholders and the use of various forms and procedures.

When performing aerial work, such as aerial survey or observation flights, the requirements from Part-SPO apply as well.


NCO Consult has experience in setting up the required manuals. Together with you we assess your specific operation and we produce tailor made documents, enabling you to submit the required declaration to your CAA. We can also provide you with compliance monitoring services and continued support to remain in compliance with the applicable regulations.


For additional operational approvals, please see our specific approvals section.