NCO Operations

NCO Consult is able to help you assess your current regulatory situation and can assist in acquiring the necessary approvals and/or certifications.

Whether it is an operations manual for NCC or SPO or an EASA special approval such as RVSM or P-RNAV, we are there to help.

EASA uses the term "aircraft other than complex aircraft" and it applies to a broad spectrum of aircraft types and classes. A Cessna 172 falls in this category, but a Pilatus PC-12NG does too.

The rules and regulations in Annex VII of the basic regulation are not as strict as for Part-NCC. However, there are still some points to be considered when operating a non-complex aircraft.


Additionally, when flying high performance IFR aircraft you might want some additional flexibility by being able to fly into RVSM airspace or flying an LPV approach. NCO Consult can assist you in obtaining these specific approvals and for even more flexibility we can also help you with setting up a Minimum Equipment List (MEL) and obtaining an approval for it.


Please feel free to contact us so we can discuss your specific needs.