Specific Approvals

NCO Consult is able to help you assess your current regulatory situation and can assist in acquiring the necessary approvals and/or certifications.

Whether it is an operations manual for NCC or SPO or an EASA special approval such as RVSM or P-RNAV, we are there to help.

NCO Consult can help you with obtaining specific operational approvals for your aircraft.

The following approvals may aid your operation;

  • PBN - Performance Based Navigation (includes P-RNAV, LNAV/VNAV/LPV approach);
  • MNPS - Minimum Navigation Performance;
  • RVSM - Reduced Vertical Separation Minima;
  • LVO - Low Visibility Operations.

Additionally, NCO Consult can set up a Minimum Equipment List (MEL) for your aircraft or fleet. This gives you more flexibility when flying with minor technical discrepancies. The MEL needs to be approved in accordance with Part-ORO.MLR.